SAP Basis Complete Pack

SAP Basis Complete Pack Price:$205 
SAP Basis Quick Overview Training for Beginners
Authorization, Instance, Transport Requests, Web Applicatio
This unique introductory training provides easy-to-unders
Outline simple client/server configurations
Describe the processing flow for user requests in SAP Systems
Name the most important processes on an SAP Web Application Server
Define the term instance and recognize the characteristics of a centr
Outline the structure and architecture of an SAP system
List the technical components of the  SAP Web Application Server
Describe the process of the start procedure of an SAP System
Start the entire SAP System or individual instances
Create and Release Transport Requests
Schedule and monitor jobs
Create output devices
Authorization concept
D aily SAP Basis Activities Guide for Beginners
Active Servers SM51
Work process overview SM50
User Overview SM04
Active Users Al08
System Logs SM21
ABAP runtime error/ ABAP dumps ST22
Client Administration
User Management SU01
RFC Destination SM59
System Profiles RZ10
Logon Group  (Logon Load Balancing) SMLG
Lock Entries SM12
Background Job management SM36 / SM37
Update Management SM13
Kernel Upgrade Step by Step
SAP Basis Training Material
PFCG, SCC1, SCCL, SE01, SE09, SE10, SM02, SM12, SM21, SM28,SM50, SM59, SSAA, STMS, SU01, SU10
Authorization Concept in SAP
Basis 5 Days Training
1st Day:Basis Overview
Introduction of SAP Product
SAP BASIS and System Architecture
SAP Development
SAP Administration
SAP Interface and Internet
SAP Support
2nd&3rd Day:SAP Technical Core Competence
Basis System and System Environment
The System Kernel
ABAP Workbench
Database Administration and Backup
Background Processing
Spool Administration
Data Archiving
System Monitoring
4th Day:Software Logistics
Introduction to Software Logistics
Change and Transport System Prerequisites
Change Management for Customizing
Change Management for Development
Transport Management
Client Tools
5th Day:SAP R/3 Application Authorization Concept
Conception with ASAP Methodology
Elements of the R/3 Authorization Concept
The User Master
Working with the Profile Generator
Access Control and User Administration
SAP Basis 10 Days Trainings
Introduction to the R/3 Basis System
Architecture/System landscape.
R/3 Client/Server Architecture.
Instance Concept
Central and Distributed Instances.
Work Process Overview.
Interaction between Work Processes.
Application Services.
Data Structure of SAP.
Client Concept
System Landscapes.
Oracle Directory Structure.
R/3 Directory Structure.
The System Kernel
Principal Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server
WP Multiplexing
Dialog Processing in the SAP System
Communication with the Database
The SAP Transaction
Lock Management in SAP
Update Processing
Installation & Setup Of R/3 System
Installation Checks.
Preparing for the Installation of SAP ERP Central
Installation of SAP License
Post Installation Steps.
SAP Profiles.
Different SAP Profiles.
Editing Profiles.
Creating New Profile Versions.
Imp Profile parameters
Starting and Stopping the R/3 System.
Starting the R/3 System.
Stoping R/3 system.
Command Prompt Start and Start.
Configuring the SAPLOGON.
Log and trace
Group Selection.
Troubleshoting Startup.
User Administration.
Displaying and Creating Users.
Copying, Deleting, and Changing Users.
Authorization Profile.
User Overview SM04.
Types of users
Authorization Concept
Authorization Check
Authorization Objects
Maintaning Authorizations
Role and Profiles
Operation Modes.
The Function of Operation Modes.
Redistributing Work Processes for Operation Modes.
Checking Operation Mode Changeovers.
Printing in the R/3 System.
The Spool Work Process.
Creating a New Printer.
Changing a Printer.
Access Methods in the R/3 System.
Spool Request Administration.
Background Jobs.
Scheduling Background Jobs.
Start Conditions of a Job
Status of a Job
Executing Programs as Job Steps
Checking Background Jobs.
Canceling, Changing, and Deleting Background Jobs.
DB Administration
Using DB Calendar
Scheduling Backups.
Checking Backups.
Database Consistency Check.
All DB Administration Tasks
CTS & Transport System
Types of Adaptation
Setting up an R/3 Transport Landscape
Configuring Transport Routes
Transport Process
Performing and Checking Transports
Client Tools
Creating and deleting a client
Local Client Copy
Remote Client Copy
Transporting a client
Client Change Options
Monitoring Concept and Alert Monitor
Monitoring Architecture Terminology
The Alert Monitor (RZ20)
Monitoring: R/3 Servers and Instances
Monitoring: R/3 Users
Monitoring: Workload Analysis
Monitoring: Buffers
Database Monitoring
Setting Up Remote Connections
Fundamentals and Types of RFC
Setting Up RFC Connections
Support Packages
Importing Support Packages
Updating the Tools
Importing SAP Notes
SAP Memory Management
Memory Areas
SAP Memory Allocation
Implementation of SAP Extended Memory
SAP Table Buffering
Introduction to Table Buffering in SAP Systems
Analyzing Table Buffering
SAP Basis Information Toolkit
In these documents you will get tips and tricks of Basis Operations.
what do I need to backup
how often do I need to backup
what are my backup options
Client Tasks
add a client
add a logical system ID to be assigned to a client
change a client
copy one client to another in the same R/3 system
copy one client to another in different R/3 systems
copy only user master data from one client to another
delete a client
lock a client so configuration changes cannot be made
verify that a client copy ran successfully
view all past client copies for a client
Communications Tasks
add a RFC connection
delete a RFC connection
modify a RFC connection
verify one R/3 system is talking to another
Database Tasks
perform Database Stats, Check Database, and Backup Jobs – MS SQL Serv
perform Database Stats, Check Database, and Backup Jobs – Oracle
Job Tasks
change the start time/date for a scheduled job
clean out old job logs
delete a scheduled job
delete a running job
schedule a new job to run
verify that a job has run successfully
Printer Tasks
add a printer
create a new Frontend aka Local aka Desktop Printer
reprint a document that has already printed
reroute a printer output request
reset the cache for a printer
view a list of all printer output requests
view a list of the output requests for one printer only
Security Tasks
attach a role to a user
attach a user to a role
copy an existing role to a new role
create a user role
delete a user role
grant a transaction to a user
modify a user role
move roles from one client to another
revoke an authorization from a user
revoke a transaction from a user
Support Package and Binary Patch Tasks
apply a SPAM/SAINT update
apply kernel patches
apply other SAP binary patches
apply support packages
check for New SPAM Updates, Support Packages and Kernel Patches
download a kernel patch from SAP Marketplace
download a SPAM/SAINT Update
download a support package from SAP Marketplace
download other SAP binary patches
find your Current SPAM Update and Support Package Level
know when SAP releases new fixes for our SAP software
ready a kernel patch for application
find SAP’s most current patches
find your Current Kernel Patch Level
find your Current SPAM Update and Support Package Level
know when SAP releases new fixes for our SAP software
ready a kernel patch for application
ready a SPAM/SAINT update or Support Package for application
ready other SAP binary patches for application
System Tasks
add a system parameter
apply a SAP (OSS) note
check that the system parameters are valid
delete a system parameter
generate a developer’s key for a programmer
generate an object key to change a SAP-owned object
how do I make server files viewable from SAP
keep all users out of a transaction
modify a system parameter
open a service connection for SAP to come into my system
reclaim system space from obsolete temporary objects
recompile all ABAP programs in a R/3 system
send a message to all connected users
send a message to one connected user
start R/3
start saprouter (OSS Link)
start the OS collector
stop a SAP work process
stop R/3
stop saprouter
stop the OS collector
stop the R/3 subsystem
verify that our link to SAP is up
verify that R/3 is up
verify the status of saprouter
view a short dump received by a user
view all processes currently running
view all system locks
view all table locks
view all update locks
Transport Tasks
add a change request to a transport queue
add a new SAP Instance to an Existing TMS Domain
automate the Transport Process
configure TMS – Transport Management System – for the First Time
configure TMS to Use SAP’s Quality Assurance Functionality
re-Transport One or Several Change Requests at Once
transport a change from one R/3 system to another
transport several change requests at once
verify that the transport system is up and running
view a history of what changes have been transported
use Target Groups to Transport to Mulitple Clients to Different Instanc
User Tasks
add a user
add an ITS user
change a user’s password
change several users at once
copy an existing user to a new user
delete a user
delete an ITS user
drop a connected user
get a list of all users in a client
lock a user
lock all users at once
modify a user
modify an ITS user
produce various user reports
start an audit trace for a specific user
view a list of all users currently connected
Web and Internet Tasks
start and stop the SAP IGS Server
Working with the SAP Marketplace
apply a SAP License Key the new way
apply a SAP License Key the old way
check the status of a request License Key
find your Hardware Key
generate a Developer’s Key for a Programmer
generate an Object Key for a Programmer
open a Problem via SAP Marketplace
open a Service Connection for SAP Support to allow SAP access
request a new License Key
request a SAP Marketplace User ID aka “S” Number aka OSS User ID
SAP Basis Certification Material Code- MM
ADM105 – Advanced System Administration. PDF
ADM110 – SAP R-3 Enterprise Installation.pdf
ADM110 – SAP ERP Central Component Installation.pdf
ADM200 – SAP Web AS Java Administration – Instructor Handbook.part2.rar
ADM200 – SAP Web AS Java Administration – Instructor Handbook.part3.rar
ADM200 – SAP Web AS Java Administration – Participant Handbook.part1.rar
ADM200 – SAP Web AS Java Administration – Participant Handbook.part2.rar
ADM200 – SAP Web AS Java Administration – Participant Handbook.part3.rar
ADM315 – Workload Analysis.pdf
ADM326 – Upgrade to ECC 6.0 (mySAP ERP 2005).pdf
ADM355 – APO System Administration.pdf
ADM505 – Database Administration Oracle.pdf
ADM325 – SAP Software Logistics.pdf
TADM56 – SAP Netweaver – SAP Web AS DB Operation (DB2 UDB) – Instructor Handbook.pdf
TADMJ1 – SAP Java Engine Administration.pdf
TADMJ5 – Web AS 6.40 Supportability and Java Security.pdf
TADM70 – SAP System – OS and DB Migration.pdf
ADM515 – Database Administration MaxDB.pdf
TADMJ8 – Java Developement Infrastructure Administration.pdf
ADM100 – SAP Web AS Administration I.pdf
ADM102 – SAP Web AS Administration II.pdf
ADM225 – SAP Software Logistics for Java.pdf
TADMD5 – Delta Implementation & Operation SAP Web AS 6.20 – SAP Web AS 6.40 (Java & ABAP) – Instructor Handbook.part1.rar
TADMD5 – Delta Implementation & Operation SAP Web AS 6.20 – SAP Web AS 6.40 (Java & ABAP) – Instructor Handbook.part2.rar
ADM325 – Software Logistics (2006).pdf
ADM100 – mySAP Technology Administration.pdf
ADM505 – Database Administration Oracle – Instructor Handbook.pdf
ADM535 – Database Administration DB2 UDB for Unix and Windows.pdf
ADM520 – Database Administration MS SQL Server.pdf
ADM555 – LiveCache Administration.pdf
ADM200 – SAP Web AS Java Administration – Instructor Handbook.part1.rar
ADM106 – SAP System Monitoring Using CCMS I.pdf
ADM107 – SAP System Monitoring Using CCMS II.pdf
ADM940 – SAP Authorization Concept.pdf
ADM950 – Secure SAP System Management.pdf
ADM960 – Security in SAP System Environments.pdf
SAPAG – SAP20 – I.pdf
SAPAG – SAP20 – II.pdf
SAPAG – SAP40.pdf
SAPAG – SAP50.pdf
TADM53 – SAP Netweaver – SAP Web AS DB Operation (MS SQL Server).pdf



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